Recovering ourselves – Shamanic Journeying- holding our youth in strength


Recovering ourselves – holding our youth in strength

I have recently started working with women to help them recover their inner girl and inner teenager. This work is vital for healing yourself, clearing your shield and enabling you to become your natural self. If your working with youth it is even more important.

It is such beautiful work too.

Through shamanic journeying we retrieve our inner Shamanka or Wise-woman , bring her to the surface of our consciousness and create a heart lodge, so we can hold council with her.

Then through journeying and soul retrieval we can bring our inner girl and teenager to the inner lodge where she is held by the inner Wise-woman. We can journey back on the life spiral and recover ourselves.

This a deep and profound experience where you can do the ongoing work to give them what they never had, to celebrate them…

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